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kitty hawk truman bayUSS Kitty Hawk is still deemed a "Retention Asset" by NAVSEA and has not been made available yet for disposition.

A group based in Wilmington, North Carolina is lobbying to bring the ship to the city after decommissioning and her obligatory time as Ready Reserve Fleet asset in order to serve as a floating museum alongside the battleship North Carolina. The navy will maintain Kitty Hawk in reserve until 2015, when the Gerald R. Ford is commissioned.

In January 2013, a group from Pensacola, Florida, which had originally wanted to obtain Forrestal, shifted its efforts to Kitty Hawk, due to that ship's superior condition.

The current campaign to obtain an aircraft carrier as a Pensacola museum follows a controversial campaign in the early 1990s, when a volunteer effort tried to get the USS Lexington (CV-16). That movement did not succeed, and the Lexington now operates as a museum in Corpus Christi, Texas.


Extensive googling on the subject learns that both projects are on hold pending the Kitty Hawk made available for donation.


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