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USS Eversole launched

January 8 1946, 72 years ago today, Gearing-class destroyer USS Eversole (DD789) was launched at Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle, Washington. Decommissioned and transferred to Turkey on 11 July 1973 as TCG Gayret (D-352). Now a museum ship in Izmit, Turkey


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HNoMs Narvik launched

January 8 1965, 53 years ago today, Oslo-class frigate HNoMs Narvik (F-304) was launched at the Navy Main Yard, Karljohansvern, Horten, Norway


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HMAS Whyalla commissioned

January 8 1942, 76 years ago today, Bathurst-class corvette HMAS Whyalla was commissioned, LEUT Leslie N. Morison RANR(S) in command


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Bulgarian 'Drazki' commissioned

January 5 1908, 110 years ago today, Bulgarian torpedo boat 'Drazki' was commissioned


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Finnish icebreaker 'Tarmo' commissioned

January 4 1908, 110 years ago today, Finnish Icebreaker Tarmo entered service, Captain Leonard Melán in command.

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Tug Holland into service

29 December 1951, today 66 years ago Tug Holland entered service

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HMS Warrior launched

29 December 1860, today 157 years ago HMS Warrior was launched at Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company, Blackwall, London

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HMCS Sackville commissioned

30 December 1941, 76 years ago today, Flower-class corvette HMCS Sackville (K-181) was commissioned, Lieutenant W. R. Kirkland in command


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SS Soldek taken out of service

30 December 1980, 37 years ago today, SS Soldek was taken out of service

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Sehested decommissioned

 December 31, 2000, 17 years ago today, Danish HDMS Sehested (P547) was decommissioned


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