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USS Recruit (TDE-1) commissioned

On 27 July 1949 landlocked "dummy" training ship USS Recruit (TDE-1) was commissioned. She was built to scale, two-thirds the size of a Dealey-class destroyer escort.

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Mayflower II laid down

On 27 July 1955 a replica of the 17th-century ship Mayflower, Mayflower II was laid down at the Upham Shipyard, Bixham, Devon, UK.

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SS Columbia entered service

121 years ago today, on 8 July 1902, excursion steamship Columbia entered service. During her heyday, Columbia and sister ship Ste. Claire sailed down the Detroit River from downtown Detroit to Bois Blanc Island, an Ontario island that was home to an amusement park built as a destination for the steamers.
SS Columbia, docked  in Buffalo, NY

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USS Aries laid down

43 years ago today, on 7 July 1980, Pegasus-class hydrofoil USS Aries (PHM-5) was laid down at Boeing Marine Systems, Renton, WA.
USS Aries, Gasconade, MO

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SS Columbia becomes National Historic Landmark

On 6 July 1992, SS Columbia was designated a National Historic Landmark.

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USS YMS-328 laid down

On 6 July 1942, USS YMS-328 was laid down at Ballard Marine Railway Co., Seattle, Washington.
She became John Wayne's private yacht in 1962, and is now part of Hornblower cruises in Newport Beach, CA

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USS Constellation laid down

On 25 June 1853, USS Constellation (IX-20) was laid down at Gosport Navy Yard, Norfolk, VA.
MuseumShip at Historic Ships in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

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USS Constellation (IX-20) decommissioned

88 years ago today, on 16 June 1933 sloop-of-war USS Constellation (IX-20) was decommissioned.
MuseumShip at Historic Ships  in Baltimore, Balrimore, MD

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DQ listed on NRHP

52 years ago, on 15 June 1970, sternwheel SS Delta Queen was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Delta Queen Steamboat Company, Houma, LA

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USNS Hiddensee opened to the public

25 years ago today, on 14 June 1997 Tarantul I-class missile corvette USNS Hiddensee was opened to the public at Battleship Cove.
USNS Hiddensee at Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA

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