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Thea Foss launched

16 January 1930, today 88 years ago Thea Foss was launched at Craig Shipbuilding Co. Long Beach, CA and named in honour of the couple's expected first child, Dee Dee Barrymore.

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Polaris (Thea Foss) renamed

10 January 1941, today 77 years ago  Polaris (Thea Foss), while in United States Navy service, was renamed Amber and designated Coastal Patrol Yacht PYc-6

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Polaris (Thea Foss) purchased

23 December 1940, today 77 years ago Polaris (the current Thea Foss) was purchased by the United States Navy and converted for naval service by the Winslow Marine Railway and Shipbuilding Co. Inc., Winslow, Washington.

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