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K24 laid down

62 years ago today, on October 15, 1961, Soviet Juliett-class submarine K-24 was laid down at the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard in Nizhny Novgorad, Russia.
MuseumShip U461 in Peenemunde, Germany

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USS Blueback commissioned

64 years ago today, on 15 October 1959, Barbel-class submarine USS Blueback SS-581 was commissioned with LCDR Robert H. Gautier in command.
She was the last non-nuclear submarine to join the United States Navy and was the final conventionally powered combat capable submarine to be decommissioned, leaving the United States Navy with a fully nuclear submarine fleet except for the research submarine USS Dolphin.
MuseumShip  at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), Portland, OR


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Hunley sinks during demonstration dive

On 15 October 1863, confederate submarine 'H.L. Hunley', while performing a demonstration dive beneath CSS Indian Chief in Charleston Harbour, SC, was lost with all hands. It wasn't until November 7 until she was found.
Museum ship at Friends of the Hunley, Charleston, SC


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