Tiburon - USCG-83366
International Call Sign: November-Lima-Xray-Hotel 

She was laid down early in 1942 (likely the beginning of Feb) in Brooklyn, NY by Wheeler Shipyards. Was used until early 1944 as an Anti Submarine Patrol boat off the East Coast, then loaded on a Liberty Ship and sent to Poole England
In England she was converted into a rescue boat and participated as USCG-11 in the Rescue Flotilla One during the D-Day Landings in Normandy.
Rescued 40 some service men on D-Day, then stayed on station until August 1945 and then was sent to Santa Barbara, CA where she served as a Harbor / Shore Patrol Boat / Anti Sub Vessel until 1962 when she was laid up.
Sold in April 1963 to a private owner by the DSSO. The owner kept the vessel in more or less original condition.
The pedigree was discovered in 2001 when the vessel was being repaired by a local shipwright and after the owners health deteriorated the vessel was laid up in 2006

The owners power of attorney was looking for someone to take over the vessel and due to the derelict vessel laws of Washington State very few qualifying parties - A few more legal hurdles and she was saved from the boneyard - lots of work to be done still but the foundation is solid.


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