KRI Pasopati - 410
KRI Pasopati 410 at Surabaya in 2019

KRI Pasopati (410) (ex-Soviet submarine S-290) is a retired Project 613 Whiskey-class submarine of the Indonesian Navy.

The initial design was developed in the early 1940s as a sea-going follow on to the S-class submarine. As a result of war experience and the capture of German technology at the end of the war, the Soviets issued a new design requirement in 1946. The revised design was developed by the Lazurit Design Bureau based in Gorkiy. Like most conventional submarines designed 1946–1960, the design was heavily influenced by the Type XXI U-boat.

Pasopati is one of twelve vessels delivered to the Indonesian and commissioned on 29 January 1962, LtCdr Sigit Yoto Sudirdjo in command. Pasopati was involved in Operation Trikora in 1962 she was used to transport marines and arms to the Indonesian army in West Irian and during those operations she was badly damaged. She was decommissioned by her last CO LtCdr Imam Zaki.
She was disassembled in 1994 and moved to a spot near Plaza Surabaya before being reassembled and turned into a museum which opened to the public on 15 July 1998.



Museum info:
Address: Pemuda Street 39, Surabaya 60271, East Java, Indonesia
Phone:  +62 31 5490410

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