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Nazario Sauro (S518)
International call sign: India-Alpha-November-Sierra

The Nazario Sauro is a submarine of the Italian navy , belonging to the first series of the Sauro class, delivered to the Navy on February 12 1980 . It is currently a museum ship moored in the old port of Genoa.

The boat is named after Lieutenant Nazario Sauro, gold medal for military valor, patriot and member of 'irredentism of the Italian World War'. The Italian Royal Navy also had a destroyer named Nazario Sauro, which took part in World War II sinking in the waters of the Red Sea at 9 in the morning of 3 April 1941 following an English airstrike; the ship, hit by a bomb of 224 kg sank in just half a minute. 78 men perished when she sank.

The submarine was decommissioned on 1 May 2002, while moored at the Naval Arsenal of La Spezia. In 2008 her restauration and transformation into a museum started, implemented on behalf of the Istituzione Musei Del Mare E Della Navigazione of Genoa.

At dawn on 18 September 2009 the Nazario Sauro left the arsenal of La Spezia for her last mission: pulled by tugs she reached the ancient port of Genoa, where on September 26 she was moored in the marina in front of the Galata - Museo del Mare.

The museum opening took place on May 29, 2010.


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