HNLMS Roermond - (M806)

International Call Sign: Papa-Alpha-India-Lima
Sail Amsterdam 2010 237 1

HNLMS Roermond (M806) was a minesweeper of the Dokkum-class of the Royal Netherlands Navy. It currently functions as a training ship for the Sea Cadet Corps Lemmer . The former minesweeper is included in the National Register of Sailing Monuments of the Federation of Old Dutch Vessels as a operational monument under number 2528.

HNLMS Roermond (M 806) was built by NV Dok en werf Mij. Wilton Fijenoord in Schiedam and was launched on August 13, 1955 and commissioned on December 29, 1955 . In mid-1987 the HNLMS Roermond was taken out of service for the last time, as the last diving vessel of the Dokkum-class, and laid up in reserve in the port of Den Helder . In 1996 Sea Cadet Corps Delfzij received the heavily neglected ship on loan from the navy.
However, the Delfzijl Sea Cadet Corps also got access to the ex HNLMS Naarden, which was still in operational condition. In 1997, the Roermond was returned to Den Helder. Shortly afterwards, the ship was sold to a company on Texel, which, however, never received a license to operate the ex Hr.Ms. Roermond. In 2001 the ship was purchased by Sea Cadet Corps Lemmer to serve as a training ship .

Sea Cadet Corps Delfzijl service:
On May 11, 1996, the ship,stripped of all usable parts by the Royal Netherlands Navy, was transferred to the Sea Cadet Corps Delfzijl. Ownership was not thereby transferred, the corps only received the ship on loan. It was towed to the port of Delfzijl by the Wagenborg tugboat 'Waterpoort' and a Navy tug. There, a start was made with the restoration. The plan was that the Roermond could sail under its own power again. For this purpose deck and engine room specialists were recruited, who could pass on their experience and knowledge to the youth. But the corps was unexpectedly also able to obtain the former minesweeper, HNLMS Naarden, of the same class. The opportunity was taken and on July 19, 1997, the Roermond was returned to the Navy.

Sea Cadet Corps Lemmer service:
In Den Helder the ship was serviced in 2001, after which it was towed to Lemmer, where it was further restored by Sea Cadet Corps Lemmer . In addition, the Sea Cadet Corps Lemmer uses the ship as a training and accommodation space.
After various successful engine trial starts and runs at her berth, the Roermond sailed for the first time in 31 years under her own power on Sunday 27 May 2018.

Since then, several trips have been undertaken, including to Harlingen (extensive trial run), Lelystad (for 100 years of the Zuiderzee Act ), again Lelystad (Summer Camp Sea Cadet Corps Netherlands) and a number of smaller  trips on the IJsselmeer close to her berth in Lemmer.

In November 2018, the Roermond sailed again to Harlingen and entered dry dock for a CVO inspection. The inspection was successfully completed and she is now certified, so that the ship complies with current legislation and can continue to sail independently in the coming years, for and by the Sea Cadet Corps Lemmer.


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