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Aurora Restoration Project Part 10
by Christopher Wilson

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The challenges were about to begin. I was about to try come up with a lot of money quick and then keep coming up with a nice chunk of cash each month in order to pull Indy's weight. I won't tell you just how much it was but let me give you an idea. Four commercial docks in the California delta all capable of supporting large ships. Nothing about this was cheap.

Keep in mind. There is absolutely nothing super human about me. I am no different from anyone else. I did not have an excess of cash. I had no idea just what I was going to do.

I went home to think things over and see what I could do......

My first thoughts were to look for investors.... Surely one of my friends has to be interested. I called around for the next couple of days. Not a single bite.... No one had that kind of cash sitting around. That idea was out.

I had to start selling things. I had a beautiful work truck I could sell and some cars. So I posted them on craigslist for a much cheaper price then they were actually worth. Sold.... I pulled together a portion of the cash needed. I still needed more.

I had no idea how I could possible come up with the type of funds to cover the rest of this. I looked for the next days. I lost a lot of sleep thinking of ways to come up with the rest of this initial deposit.

Finally I got the break that I needed when my uncle decided to grant me a loan backed by one of my 1960s vintage car projects. He was the hero of the day. I thank him everyday for helping out.

The cash was in hand. Unfortunately I gave up a lot in order to get this money thanks to Indy.

Indy was not a bad man. His heart was in the right place but he did awful things in order to keep his hobby of gathering old boats and ships going. He didn't mean to burn people. That was just the way things worked out for him and this time it just so happened to be at my expense. Did I forgive him?? Half of me forgave him and half of me tells myself to keep my eyes open next time..

I traveled back to the city the next day and I gave the clerk the cash. The deal was done. I felt great pride that day. With a short struggle and a bit of luck I had achieved my goal.

The ship was moored at the island in the California Delta and would require a move soon in order to be in compliance with my deal with the State Lands Commission. If I couldn't move it then my head would be on the chopping block soon.

The next hurdle just arrived. I had an idea of how I could get the ship moved but it relied on Indy and one of his other boats to tow her. Indy kept most of his collection of boats and ships near the bay in Richmond. In order to consolidate his stuff he would have to bring all of them to the new docks.

The moving days were coming soon. Indy already had it in mind to pull all of his friends together as crew and make this happen. Indy was a unique person. He had a group of friends that would jump off a bridge if he asked them to. He had one hell of a fallowing. I was about to learn why..

The big day was coming soon. The ship would be re-located to her new home. I had 14 days to plan this move. I now wanted to spend all of my free time getting her ready for the tow.

At this point I was splitting my time into thirds. One third in Santa Cruz, one third in Union City at Jins place and one third at the ship. My time needed concentrated on the ship for now.

I headed back to the ship to start a long stay this time. Smeagol was left in the dark and had no idea of the current events. I filled him in while his face and attitude started to change. He was afraid and upset.

He looked very concerned like he was about to loose everything. I didn't know just how to help him. I couldn't use him where I was going.

This is where Smeagol started to change to Gollum.... The roller coaster ride was about to begin.

More to come.....

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