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Aurora Restoration Project Part 11
by Christopher Wilson

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Time was counting down. I would finally have a dock to place the ship at soon. I was so excited but yet I knew that I had lots of work ahead of me prior to this move. For the next 14 days I would do my best to spend almost all of my time working on the ship in order to make it more presentable.

I soon had the dedication of my best friend Jeff. He was going to stick it out with me and help get the ship ready for the move.

Jeff was not much of a boat guy but during the last while of working on the ship he bought a project of his own. He had found himself a large sized cabin cruiser in Emeryville that needed work and he had been spending much of his time working on his own boat but wanted to be near the ship to help out.

Jeff proposed that he move his small boat from Emeryville to a marina near where the ship would soon be located. His cabin cruiser was a project and didn't run at the time and would need to be towed to its potential new location.

Our plan was to tow his boat the 60 something miles up the delta while we had some free time before moving the Aurora.

We scheduled his boats move day for the day prior to the Aurora's big move. For now we concentrated on cleaning and getting areas aboard more tolerable.

The entire time we worked, Smeagol just watched us, He was creepy. His interest was no longer to pitch in and help but to lurk around and monitor everything that we were doing. It was obvious that he had an agenda that did not fit my plan.

As each day passed Smeagol changed just a little more. He was clearly not happy that his life may change and he would likely loose his precious soon.

I soon found out that he was reporting everything we did to a certain city council member. He was looking for dirt and a way to toss a wrench into the moving project so that the ship would have to remain at the island, where he could stay and be happy and live aboard his precious forever and ever.

I was only an obstacle to him. He needed to manipulate and deceive me so that his plan could play out. He was no longer Smeagol. He was 100% Gollum.

Jeff decided to take some charge with the newly transformed Gollum. He made Gollum clean up every single pile of dog crap on the entire ship and do small jobs like wash Windows etc.. The dog crap amazingly enough filled up the better part of a large garbage can..

Gollum now worked with a smile on his face but we both knew that the smile was backed by anger and deceit. Still we treated him with respect but kept in mind that we would soon have to get rid of him before he could create damage that we couldn't repair.

Jeff and I were putting together a plan to remove Gollum from the ship quickly but had to keep it quite so that he didn't create issues prior to his removal.

Meanwhile Gollum would create random damage on the ship in order to show us that he was there to help us by fixing the damage that he would secretly create. He was trying to make himself so valuable that we would think twice before getting rid of him.

Several days in I was still working hard to make the ship presentable while Jeff had found his ultimate hang out spot on the bow of the ship with a fishing pole and a radio playing his music. He was very content.

Gollum was most afraid of Jeff as Jeff was the one who monitored him best. For this reason he was exter any nice to Jeff.

The politics aboard were getting very deep and weird.

More days went by and Gollum let me know that he wanted to have a meeting with me to discuss his future aboard. He wanted to plan the meeting with me to be held in the next day or so. I agreed.

Sometimes you have to stop working and enjoy what you have already done. The next couple of days I woke up for the sunrise and watched the sunsets. The island where the ship was located at the time had to have been my favorite location for this ship to date. With each sunset you could see the giant windmills turn into silhouettes as the sun would set. At the same time the coyotes began to sing. You could see every star in the sky with no city lights to distract from there beauty. My description doesn't do justice for what we seen. No wonder Gollum didn't want to loose his precious ship.

I woke early the next morning and walked outside to the bow of the ship to find Jeff fishing and waiting for the sunrise. As the sun peeked out it did something amazing. It created an Aurora effect. The Rays were so highly defined it looked unreal. Words could not describe the sunrise that we had seen that morning. We were working on a name for the ship at the time and why not name her after the most beautiful morning I had ever seen and this morning just so happened to take place aboard the ship.

Aurora it was......

Meanwhile Gollum had been putting together his proposal. He wanted to carve himself a permanent home on the ship if he was unable to make us go away. He let me know very clearly on multiple occasions that the Aurora was only floating because he was there to fix her.

It was time for the meeting. Gollum was ready to present his ideas to me. He first asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee. I said no at first but he was persistent on giving me coffee and he was drinking a mug of his coffee so I said sure. Give me a cup of coffee. I thought nothing of it.

While I sat down and began sipped my cup of coffee, Gollum told me that he wanted a raise to start with. No a big raise according to him but enough to survive on. He wanted $3k per month. He tossed in comments that were meant to make me believe if I was to get rid of him that bad things would start to happen. He let me know that he had friends in the city now.

After his threatening comments he put the cherry on top of his proposal.

"Keep in mind that I have been nothing but nice to this guy the entire time. There was no disrespect and I gave him extra money so that he could live a little better."

When I took my next sip of the coffee that he had made for me he looked at me and said,,, I hope that you don't mind. I was out of fresh water so I had to use some from my dogs bowl. I looked down at his dogs bowl. It was filthy and looked as if it had likely never been washed. I then looked looked back at him as my heart began to pound....

As I learned what he was doing I grew more and more angry. The dog water put me at my limit. My blood began to boil as I looked into his eyes.

More to come.....

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