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Aurora Restoration Project Part 12 1/2
by Christopher Wilson - published 13 February 2016



Gollum was indeed a horrible person and had a devious streak. His intention was to keep this ship or destroy the possibility of it ever seeing another life. He was a bad man but believe me there are many more people in this story that you will find just as bad, if not worse, than Gollum.

I have thought about how to give my readers an accurate ending of the Gollum days but want to make sure that it does not come back on me one day. I am going to make this a multiple choice ending. One of these endings will be accurate and the others not so much. I guarantee that later in my stories you will get to know me enough that you will all have a good idea of the correct ending.

1. After drinking half a cup of dog bowl water coffee and Gollum making me aware of his intentions I stood up and smashed my coffee cup into the wall behind him. We yelled back and forth for the next while. Jeff heard the yelling and made it over to see what the fuss was about when he had seen us arguing. Jeff was able to mediate and calm both of us down and we all found a resolution to the situation. We then all went out to breakfast to discuss things further. I bought Gollum a month of living at a motel in town and wished him well. We exchanged hugs and parted ways.

2. After learning what Gollum had done I had to sit and think for a moment. I was angry inside but fighting was no way to resolve this situation. I sat my cup of dog water coffee on the table and asked him just what he would need to remove himself from this project. He wouldn't answer at first but then slowly gave me a dollar figure. He felt his time aboard was worth money and if I wanted him gone I would have to pay up. We negotiated back and forth for a while and come up with a solid figure. We went to the bank and I pulled out enough cash to make him happy and we parted ways.

3. After taking my last sip of his dog water coffee and learning Gollum's bad intentions towards both me and the ship, I was angry. I could see that nothing I could say would make this jackass happy. I tossed the dog water in his face and threw the cup onto the deck, smashing it. I didn't say a word to him, I just went to his cabin and started grabbing his stuff and threw it on the boat next door. Jeff was monitoring what happened and stood by in case Gollum did anything stupid. After Gollum yelled and screamed for a bit he tossed in a few threats, got in his boat with his dog and took off. He went to the city to try and cause some verbal damage but they already had his number and his plan fell apart. I never heard from him again.

4. After learning that the coffee I was drinking was dog water I stood up and threw the coffee cup at Gollum. I began yelling at him and since we had no witnesses, I decided that it was not out of the question to give him a little payback for his past actions. I granted him the beating that he so desperately needed. After his beating he immediately got in his boat and alerted the sheriffs who quickly came to the scene. Jeff and I didn't know anything. We didn't even know Gollum was onboard that day. Or at least that was the story we gave. Gollum was allowed to gather his things and his dog. He was escorted by the sheriffs and soon after went to the city to complain. They had his number and didn't trust a word he was saying. He soon left town to never be seen again.

I would like to hear your comments and see if my readers are getting to know me yet

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