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Aurora Restoration Project Part 22
by Christopher Wilson - Published March 15, 2016

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There is a point in life where many people stand back and look in the mirror and say to themselves. " This is what I am going to do for the rest of my life. This is the best I will ever be and its not that great" I was there.

When we are young we envision and dream of doing something grand with our lives. Most of us never get that opportunity. We go to work day after day and do what we have to do to survive and get the bills paid each month. We wait for days off so that we can enjoy life for a very small time before we have to start another week of working ourselves to death. The weeks turn into months and the months to years.

During these years we loose touch of the dreams that dominated our youth, not realizing that we are only here for a short time and age sneaks up fast.

I couldn't accept a normal life of living with this system that most of us create for ourselves.

I consider myself lucky to have made the jump from a day to day work routine to working on something that one could only dream about as a young kid.

It's truly an amazing feeling to use the knowledge that you have gained as an adult to build the dreams that you had as a child.

No matter what you do in your life it is never to late to make a change and do something that others consider a little or even a lot crazy. I highly recommend it.

Back to the story..

We are mid way through our lease with the City and from past events I didn't want to count on the City renewing the lease for another year. It was time to scout out potential new locations. The ship was looking good so no better time to put on the suit and have a look around for an even better location. Maybe one with proper utilities.

I looked at many locations and I felt like nothing was beyond my reach if I could negotiate a good deal. I spoke with many property owners on the delta along with several other City's and found great potential. I got a tip from my old friend Indy for a location in San Francisco so I went to go have a look. It was by far the best location one could imagine but I was sure this wasn't a possibility.

I spent the next month or so solid looking for a backup location. It was a successful venture to say the least.

My dedicated crew worked hard to make the ship as clean as possible with the small budget that we had. It was getting obvious that good things were going to happen sooner or later. The visit from the History Channel gave everyone a huge boost in confidence.

Our time was counting down and our lease would end after several more months. Indy still had his drug addict / alcoholic and crazy watchman onboard doing all of his antics. His watchman " Butch" really wanted to be a team player with the Aurora crew and help out but we really couldn't take the liability or have those elements around our now positive project.

I had to be careful from now on just who to let be involved and I let him know. This of course made Butch angry. He allowed his anger to stew inside for days. He didn't like us very much when he realized that we didn't want him involved in our project. He decided to become an ass. He would come over in the night and trash up our dock and spray paint foul stuff on the side of the Aurora.

He was getting out of control. But it want time to take action.

I reported his doings to Indy and was for the most part ignored. For the coming weeks Butch would vandalize us while most of the crew was away.

If Indy wasn't going to do something about it then we were going to have to force his hand. We all payed Indy a visit at his home and told him that this watchman would have to go. Indy gave us every reason that he needed this guy to be onboard. Indy had no clue how bad this watchman was making him look to the City.

I finally had enough and I told Indy that his watchman had to go and he had to go away now. Indy could see that I was fed up and very serious. He made the phone call to Butch.

Of course Butch didn't like being evicted and yelled at Indy over the phone and gave him many threats physical violence. Indy took it and didn't call the police. He just took it.

Now I understood. Indy seemed afraid of what Butch might do to him if he forced him out. Indy had no choice at this time. He gave Butch a few days to get packed up and go. Butch had no intention of leaving what so ever. Indy talked to me during these days and went so far as to try and backtrack and get me to agree to allow Butch to stay under certain terms. I said no.

This was killing progress on the Aurora. We needed to get rid of this guy and move forward.

Finally his day was up. It was the day Butch was supposed to leave. We all waited and seen no signs of him packing up and getting ready to go. I decided to go have a chat with Butch. I was frustrated.

I walked over to the dock and yelled for him to come out. He would not budge. He obviously didn't want to talk. I climbed onto Indy's ship and all doors were secured. What more could I do. He had locked himself in the ship. I returned to the Aurora.

Later that same day the rest of our crew showed up. We were all there ready to start another week of making good things happen. We just had one thing to deal with first. Butch...

Sometime in the middle of the night I heard a crashing sound of bottle breaking on the side of the ship and came out to see Butch tossing bottles at the Aurora. After about 5 or so bottles Butch started crazy yelling.

What I didn't know is that a couple of my dedicated crew members were off the ship waiting for Butch after hearing Butch yelling and screaming at us from his ship earlier. They now wanted to have a talk with Butch.

Butch made his way clear over to our dock. He was somewhat drunk and calling us out. Little did he know he had a couple of our crew members waiting behind him waiting. Neither of my crew members were the type to take this kind of crap.

What happens next was very unexpected.

More to come...


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