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Aurora Restoration Project Part 30
by Christopher Wilson - Published June 7, 2017


Finally, what we had all worked so hard for had come to be. We were now in San Francisco and either good or bad we had to make the best of it.

For the first days after making sure the Aurora was secure in her new location we decided to explore the city and see just what it had to offer. I will have to admit I was rather happy about being able to find things easily but soon noticed the painful fact that things costed much more then they did in our previous location. However there was no lack of fun things to do in San Francisco.

I was extremely happy about all accomplished and if I played my cards right the Aurora could be huge for the City. We were already a hit. Just think if we were to actually become a destination. It would have preserved the Aurora for many years to come. A water front attraction like no other.

On the third day after we arrived in the city I received a call from the potential investors. They had informed me that they had a meeting with Mr. Potter the coming day at 11am. I figured this meeting was going to be big. I had lots of ideas to share and had it in mind to give them just the portion of the ship they needed and set up a Luxury Liner museum with yet another area and had lots and lots of other excellent ideas on just how to share the Aurora with the public.

I worked hard that evening trying to put together a reasonable presentation that would hopefully charm all involved. The morning finally came around and I found James on the pier looking at a small boat moving around the Aurora and taking pictures. I had no idea what these guys were up to but according to James they were with the Port of SF. I guess they came to inspect how we were tied off and I don't think they were impressed. We still had lots of work to do on securing her safely to the pier but that job wouldn't be starting that for another few days. It was going to be a huge expense and lots of fabricating and welding.

We were only moments away from the meeting. I had met the group of investors in front of the Pier and we were all just waiting for Mr. Potter. He was maybe 30 minutes late so they decided to show me their detailed business plan. It was nearly an inch think and very well prepared and detailed. I took a copy prior to the meeting to review later.

Finally Mr. Potter pulled up and parked and looked at all of us with his " What are all of you doing here attitude and facial expression". He shook the group of investors hands and gave me the cold shoulder. He unlocked his office and let The investors in and looked at me and said " This meeting doesn't concern you just yet, We will talk later ". HUH?? I thought to myself, What the hell does that mean? Perhaps this meeting wasn't about the Aurora. Maybe they had other business. So I walked back to the Aurora and waited giving this the benefit of the doubt while grinding my teeth.

Nothing happened that day.

Mr. Potter went home directly after the two hour long meeting and the investors didn't contact me as I was hoping they would. I was left in the position of not knowing anything. So many things went through my mind. I didn't want to assume anything but something certainly didn't feel right.

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