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Aurora Restoration Project Part 31
by Christopher Wilson - Published July 27, 2017

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Looking back, at this point everything I had just accomplished was next to impossible. Those of you who understand the bureaucracy in the San Francisco area understand clearly what I mean. I was very proud to have made it this far in my adventure. Now what will the future bring? Let's continue the story....

The Aurora had not been at he new location for even a week and already I knew this was going to be a bumpy ride at best. My new landlord had just had a meeting for the future of the Aurora a leaving me out for unknown reasons. On top of this after the meeting was over he just left. There is no scenario where this could be a good situation.

I waited for Mr. Potter to return and tell me the content of this meeting. But the day came and went and he didn't come back. The next day it was back to work for both me and my crew. We needed to make a fending system before the weather started to turn bad. I had the design for this system but it was a huge undertaking. If we couldn't get them done in good time then we faced catastrophic damage to the Aurora.

We worked day in a day out for the next couple of days just to get the think metal beams cut to the right size. And drill the mounting holes through the 18 inch thick concrete and steel Pier. We also had to build giant anchors in case this didn't work.

Nothing could have made me happier then to see this monumental task of building an advanced rendering system together. I was proud of every single member of my crew. The dedication over the last days was nothing less then amazing.

Mr. Potter rolled in after being gone for a few solid days after is meeting with my potential investors. He skied if I wanted to go have breakfast and of course I accepted the invitation. I was dying to hear what happened. We walked across the street to his favorite breakfast place and we sat down. What I started to witness told me just about everything I needed to know about Mr. Potter. The waiters and waitresses were actually pushing it off onto each other to decide who would be forced to serve Mr. Potter. Finally after a few minutes someone hesitantly took our order with a painfully fake smile.

Mr. Potter appeared to be in great mood and even cracked some tasteless jokes. I figured this was an excellent time to chat. I asked him about the meeting. I was left in the dark over the last few days and hoped this would shed some light on things. Mr. Potters first words about this meeting were ". Those people are F*cking idiots. You don't want to deal with them". He continued on about how this group had no idea what they were doing and he didn't want them on his Pier. Now I was really confused. Was my investor deal off the table?

We continued to talk for a short while. I had to hide my feelings about the situation at hand. All my important questions were dodged. Mr. Potter wanted me to believe that he had a better group of people lined up and he was looking out for my best interests. Our breakfast meeting was more or less a frustrating waste of time and it was clear I was not getting the whole story.

My biggest mistake was to allow this man to hold my my future and the future of the Aurora in his hand. I was completely helpless and had no power over my own project. Not a comfortable situation.

Everything I did I felt that I was being watched and Judged by Mr. Potter and his dedicated crew of people. He seemed to have this small and loyal group that actually appeared to like him and would seeming do about anything for him. One of them was Indy. All of these people were keeping a heavy eye on everything I did. At this point all I could see was bad intentions on his part.

One person who seemed to be the leader of this group just under Mr. Potter was James. James seemed to have eyes on everything. James was a long haired very intelligent individual who mostly listened and did not respond to people. He was a very calculated individual and was working for Mr. Potter as legal council against his many legal problems he faced. He was certainly not one to cross.

I put in a call to the potential investors and wanted to hear the other side of the story. I spoke briefly with one of them who quickly arranged a meeting with me for the coming Friday only a couple of days away. He just told me that they all would like to talk to me. It didn't sound positive at all. This would certainly give me all the answers or yet another frustrating meeting.

So we went back to work trying to get some things done. It was going to take a month or so to build these large metal brackets to hold the fenders in place. The waters were calm and I should have been feeling a great sense of pride at this time but instead I felt a numbness. The storm was coming..

What was next....

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