Patrol Torpedo Fast 3


Since 2003, a group of US military veterans has been restoring an 80 ft.,70 ton VietNam era Patrol Boat at Deland Naval Air Station Museum, creating a living tribute to the veterans who lived , and the many thousands who died serving our country. Restoration of PTF 3 is a labor of love, drawing worldwide attention .A notable highlight, is that many of the Crew who actually served on her in the war, have visited our site in Deland with their families. Our FACEBOOK Page and website present a daily reminder to thousands of admirers that this valiant warrior is alive and well. Designated PTF, for Patrol Torpedo Fast, she was launched in 1962 in Norway as the first PTF to be put in US service While on a mission in the Tonkin Gulf, PTF 3 was detected by the “enemy”,chased by VC Patrol Boats, and forced to run for cover between two US Destroyers.

The ensuing action became the “Tonkin Gulf Incident” that triggered President Johnson's”Tonkin Gulf Resolution” of 1964.and marked the official entry of the USA into the “conflict.” After years of valiant service, a battered PTF 3 was returned to the US for duty as a Navy Dive Training Vessel in Key West, FL. She was sold, and later donated to Boy Scout Troop 544, Orange City, Fl .who, in turn, created, non- profit, 501c3 corporation: PTF 3 Restoration Project, Inc, to enable ownership and to assume all Restoration responsibilities

During Restoration, PTF 3 continues to rest on it's cradle as a main static exhibit at Deland Naval Air Station Museum. Economics will dictate when we may re-install her two Deltic Diesels and enable the original plan of mooring PTF 3 nearby, as a Historic Museum, Tourist Attraction and fully-operational Training Vessel for Sea Scouts, Navy sea cadets, and any other interested youth groups.

We are very proud of our dedicated volunteers. The 'crew' works tirelessly every Wednesday and Saturday. “getting the job done.” They have expertly rebuilt the hull, literally from stem to stern; laminating, installing, removing replacing and painting as they move along.


Museum info: Deland Naval Air Station Museum
Address: 910 Biscayne Blvd. DeLand, FL 32724

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