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The “S-61 Delfin” Submarine. A peace, culture and community union ship expressing the depth of our sailor roots. The Delfin is a Daphne class submarine given by the Spanish Navy to the Torrevieja’s Council, thus becoming the “first floating museum” of its type in our country.

Our sailor traditions and our relations with the Spanish Navy took us to give, on 1 December 1974, the combat flag to the S-61 Delfin submarine. When it had to be discharged, the Ministry of Defence decided to give the last S-61 flag to the town of Torrevieja during a moving ceremony celebrated at the Cartagena’s Arsenal. Later on, the submarine was definitely handed over.

Thanks to the Museo del Mar y de la Sal (the Sea and Salt Museum) the Delfin Submarine became, since 8 May 2004, the first Spanish Navy ship to become a floating museum, offering all people visiting the same the opportunity to discover the inside of a submarine and imagine how the members of its crew used to live inside the same. The Delfin submarine is based in the Torrevieja’s harbour and has become a part of its landscape, having received over 1,300,000 visits since it was inaugurated.


Museum info:
Address: Inner harbor, 03181 Torrevieja, Spain
Phone: + 661 374 257
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