USS Ling - (SS-297)


International call sign: November-Xray-November-Delta

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Operated by the Submarine Memorial Association, The New Jersey Naval Museum (NJNM) introduces state residents and visitors to New Jersey's Navy heritage and naval history in general. The star attraction here is the USS Ling 297, a 312-foot long Balao Class World War II submarine.

Like all WWII subs, the Ling takes her name from a fish. She was commissioned on June 8, 1945, destined for service in the Pacific. The war ended before the Ling saw active duty, however, and the sub later served as a training vessel -- equally important to fighting in the war, if a little less dramatic. But a tour of the Ling is dramatic indeed, and visitors will get a real feel for the courage it took for ninety-five officers and crew to brave the deep in such small, spartan quarters. On the other side of the coin the ingenuity of the sub's design is awe-inspiring. That so much metal and machinery can be packaged into a sleek craft that transports humans underwater is incredible.

A guided tour takes visitors from bow to stern, exploring the Ling's equipment, quarters and weaponry, which included twenty-four torpedoes and two 5" deck guns (today's Ling sports one 4" gun) for handling military targets too small to warrant the expenditure of a torpedo.

Maintained by volunteers, the Ling makes her home in Hackensack, along with a Vietnam era PBR (Patrol Boat, River).


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Address: 78 River Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Phone:(201) 342-3268
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