Fladen No. 29
fladen 29

The lightship No. 29 Fladen is a former Swedish lightship, today a floating museum ship as part of the Maritiman maritime museum in Gothenburg.

The lightship Ölandsrev was completed in 1914/15 at Bergsunds Mekaniska Verkstad in Stockholm as a motor ship made of steel with two crude oil engines from Bolinder-Munktell and was the only Swedish lightship with two propellers. The construction costs at the time were SEK 275,000. The ship had two signal masts and a tower-like lantern with a gallery amidships. On both sides of the red hull in large white letters was the name ÖLANDSREV and on the stern the ship's number No.29. The ship's beacon consisted of a lens apparatus with a 4th order lens and mirrors with a rotating lamp from AGA with an acetylene burner (AGA-Fyren). The fog signaling consisted of the fog siren with a tone (5 s/min). There was a fog bell as a reserve.

A conversion took place in 1933. The beacon was electrified with a 500 W light bulb. In 1951, service at the station was discontinued when the new caisson lighthouse Öland Södra Grund was put into operation. This was followed by the Hävringe station from 1952 to 1967 and the Fladen station from 1968 until 1969, when it was decommissioned. The function was taken over by the unmanned lighthouse C0671. Since the 1990s, the former Fyrskepp No.29 has been in good condition as a museum ship in Gothenburg. In 2008, an extensive restoration took place, and the interior is now back to that of the 1950s.


Museum info: Maritiman
Address: Packhusplatsen 12, 411 13 Göteborg, Sweden
Phone: +46 31 10 59 50

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