TCG Kasirga - (P-329)
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International Call Sign: Tango-Bravo-November-Hotel

TCG KASIRGA was built in 1967 by Fr. Lürssen Werft, Bremen, Germany, using the Zobel Class Type 142a design. After construction, it was brought to Turkey together with TCG Meltem on 17 November 1967. She joined the Navy Command with a ceremony held in Gölcük on 25 November 1967 and started her honorable duty in the Turkish Naval Forces as an affiliate of the War Fleet Command.

The Penguin anti ship missile system was installed on the ship in 1978 and the she was given the qualification of an attack boat and one Penguin MK1 MOD 1 shot was fired at 10:00 on November 21, 1981. The result of the shot to M/G Bornova with a speed of 10 knots from 14 thousand yards was determined to be successful. TCG KASIRGA was removed from the establishment of the War Squadron Command in 1983 and was taken to the Assault Boat Squadron Command in Umuryeri / Istanbul. TCG KASIRGA was deployed to Erdek/ Balıkesir in 1993 as a subordinate of the Commodore of the 3rd Assault Boat Flotilla. In 1999, the Aegean Sea Regional Command was established and the location of the speech was changed to Aksaz Marmaris / Muğla in 2002, the Escort and Patrol Fleet Command were established. TCG KASIRGA Naval Forces completed its honorable mission full of achievements in the Command on June 30, 2014, and left the service. TCG KASIRGA was towed to the Museum Ships Directorate İnciraltı pier on March 16, 2015, and started its new duty as a Museum Ship.

TCG Kasirga is 42.5 meters long and 7.7 meters wide. she has 4 propellers and 2 rudders. there are 4 main machines and 2 auxiliary machines. The maximum speed is 39 knots. The assault boat was dispatched and managed with a total of 31 personnel, including 4 officers, 13 non-commissioned officers, 3 sergeants and 11 rank and file. From the beginning to the rear of the ship, there is a private cabin, a commander's cabin, a non-commissioned officer's dormitory, combat operations center, radio cabin, radar cabin, bow engine room, aft engine room, officer lounge, and dormitories, arsenal and tiller room. On the upper deck, there is a bridge, a kitchen, and a CBRN (Chemical Biological Radioactive and Nuclear) washing station.

TCG KASIRGA weapon systems
there are 2 40 mm diameter L / 70 aircraft war cannon, 2 7163 mm tall 533.4 mm diameter G-7A classic torpedo tubes and 2 MK1 MOD7 PENGUIN guided projectile launchers.


Museum info:
Address: İnciraltı, Başak Sk., 35330 Balçova/İzmir, Turkey
Phone: +90 2322785234
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