HMS Caroline
C-class light cruiser

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HMS Caroline, a light cruiser built in 1914, is the last survivor of the Battle of Jutland, and the last survivor of the Grand Fleet which lay at the heart of Britain and Ireland’s power and politics in the period 1905 – 1918.

There is no other ship of Caroline’s type and period surviving anywhere else in the world. With her elegant ram bow and characteristic early 20th century profile, HMS Caroline is uniquely placed to commemorate the greatest big gun sea battle in history and act as a living memorial to the lives of the seamen who died both at Jutland and throughout the First World War. Through her later roles as a static base in Belfast, Caroline also commemorates those who served in the North Atlantic Convoys of World War Two, and the men and women of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve who have played and continue to play such an important role in our naval history.

The National Museum of the Royal Navy has been working tirelessly to ensure that she is protected, with the aim of opening her to the public. The upcoming centennial commemorations of the outbreak of World War One and the Battle of Jutland mean that it is the perfect time to present HMS Caroline to the public.

Visitors will be able to explore HMS Caroline and discover an astonishing survivor of WW1 that was also the longest serving ship in the Royal Navy after Nelson’s famous HMS Victory.

We will tell the story of each of the different periods of her history, using HMS Caroline‘s unique collection of over 450 original objects.The Drill Hall will be an area where people can gather and find out about the training of Naval personnel and everyday life on board.

The project will also provide a unique platform to tell the story of the role the people of Northern Ireland played in World War 1, the Battle of Jutland and WW2. It will also link HMS Caroline to Belfast‘s industrial and maritime heritage through an onsite visitor centre.


Museum info:
Address: Alexandra Graving Dock, Queen's Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT3 9DT
Phone: + 44 28 9045 4484
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